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Project of a start-up

"Our principal task is not to look into

a vague and distant future, but rather act right away in the

"direction we clearly see."

— D. Carnegy

Registered user receives:

  • Personal office in official company's website;
  • Rights to receive Cashback and to form personal groups.
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Товкайло Василь Тихонович

On-line registration with the company NEW LIFE
  • Step
    You will receive SMS with confirmation code
  • Step
    SMS is expected during 5 minutes
  • Step
    Personal data
    • I am of age
    • I state that the information is true
    • I agree to processing of personal data provided

  • Step
    Finalization of registration

    Press 'Pay' and you'll get to page not associated with this website.

    Payment is straight from payment service website. It is here you enter details of your card. Security of payment is on payment service website.

Price of service is equivalent to 10 EUR (266 UAH according to convertation rate of National Bank of Ukraine in the day of payment) for registration of 1 natural person.

About project

Project has been created and supported by

International Organization New Life

  • Work in Internet

    Opportunity to work from home

  • Start of you business without investments

    We suggest to all ambitious and motivated people to start their business with no start-up capital

  • No sales

    No need to sell. Project is just to use our brands, as you wish, also recommendation to people you know

  • Additional profit

    In your spare time you can remotely - thanks to this project - receive worthy additional revenue

  • Free employment

    No bosses or strict schedules. We give you a chance to make your day by yourselves

  • Health

    Our company has been for 14 years in the market. We earned reputation among Ukrainian manufacturers

Get you money

Following our system

the average income of our co-operators reaches


in 6 months


in 12 months


in 24 months

What's our feature?

We are manufacturers of our own unique brands. We have our system of starting business from grass roots. We wll be able to earn considerable income in just half a year.
More details

System of fast earnings

"Matrix PLUS"

Is meant for quick build-up of business with average monthly income $2000-3000.